Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Walgreen's reward system changes

When I went shopping on Sunday I talked to the manager at the Walgreen's I always go to and she confirmed the change of their reward system.  She didn't know much but here is what I did find out.

In order to get sale prices and rewards you will have to have their Balance card.

You can start to enroll online September 2nd and the national launch of the new program is September 16th.

You earn points for making certain healthy decisions and for your purchases.  She was not sure if all purchases earned you points or just advertised purchases.  You do earn purchases for online and in-store purchases though.

You can use a card, your phone, or your phone number to access and earn your points.

Points can be redeemed for things in-store or online but she was not sure if they will only be redeemable for gift cards or on actual products.

She did tell me that:
5,000 points = $5
10,000 points = $10
18,000 points = $20
30,000 points = $35
40,000 points = $50

In order for you to keep your points you must shop at Walgreens atleast once every 6 months.

Points expire 3 years after earned.


  1. I learned some new information today. I talked to another manager at Walgreen's and she was a manager at a store that is part of Missouri's trial run. She was able to answer a couple of the questions I had. Here is what I learned:

    You will earn 10 points for every full dollar you spend and then on select items each week you can earn bonus points as well.

    The monthly coupon book Walgreen's has will not be used once the new program is in place because those coupons will automatically be loaded onto your card.

  2. So I just got more information about the Balance Rewards program.

    The points expire 3 years after they are earned as long as you shop there every 6 months.

    If your points are used in a transaction to help pay for that transaction no points can be earned for that particular transaction. (Great time to get register reward earning items though.)

    If you buy something that earns you points and then you return that item your points will be removed from your account.