Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Introduction to Couponing class April 6, 2013

     I will be teaching a Introduction to Couponing classes in April.  The class runs about two and a half hours but it may run a little longer depending on the classes understanding, questions, etc.  
     From this class you will learn couponing lingo, how to read a coupon, basic couponing, store policies, how to create a stock pile price list, how to create a stock pile supply list, sources for coupons and information, sales cycles, tips, and what sort of things to keep track of.  I will also answer questions you may have.
     I will be handing out information that you can keep.  I will be giving things away throughout the class and everyone who attends gets free coupons as well.

Date:  April 6th

Time:  3-5:30pm

Location:  Peony Park Hy-vee (79th and Cass);  Omaha, NE

Cost:  $15 (but if you refer one or more people to the class and they attend then you get a $5 discount)

Pre-registration is required so if interested please email us.  You can pay in person, mail a payment, or pay via PayPal.  Please make money orders out to Vanessa Kirby.   If paying via PayPal the class cost is $16.  No refunds if not requested by March 30, 2013.

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